Fun Travel Iceland

Fun Travel is an independent Tour Operator and a Destination Management Company. We provide personal service and are specialized in guided tours for small groups, with an English and Danish/Norwegian speaking driver-guide.

The company is a licensed travel operator by the Icelandic Tourist Board and provides travel services in Iceland, such as scheduled escorted tours, private day tours, and private tour packages for groups and travel agencies.

Our Most Popular Tours

Strokkur geyser

    Iceland Complete: Around Iceland in 10 Days

  • With so much to discover and explore in Iceland, this classic round tour covers the whole Ring Road around Iceland and the magnificent Snaefellsnes peninsula with its spectacular landscapes and mystical powers. Experience an ever-changing landscape every day and learn about Iceland´s geology, culture, and history.

    On the road, you will stay at countryside accommodations at farms, which will give you a chance to interact with the locals, taste traditional Icelandic food such as lamb and fish, and observe domestic animals like the Icelandic horse.

  • Maximum 12 people in a group.

From ISK 369.900

Blue Ice Cave

    Glaciers and Aurora: Around Iceland in Winter

  • Hop on board this winter round tour that covers the whole Ring Road as well as the magnificent Snæfellsnes peninsula. See the beautiful and ever-changing landscape of Iceland while learning about the country´s geology, culture, and history.

    On the road, you will stay at countryside farm accommodations, which will give you a chance to interact with the locals, taste traditional Icelandic food such as lamb and fish, and observe domestic animals like the Icelandic horse.

    You will also be travelling around Iceland in winter, which gives you the chance to see the beautiful but elusive Northern Lights.
  • Maximum 12 people in a group.

From ISK 329.900


    The Great Round Tour: Around Iceland in 13 Days

  • This tour covers the so-called ring-road around Iceland, the magnificent Snaefellsnes peninsula and includes the remote and isolated West fjords. Vistiting the Latrabjarg cliff gives you a good chance to spot the famous Puffins. Experience an ever-changing landscape every day and learn about Iceland´s geology, culture, and history.

    On the road, you will stay at countryside farm accommodations , which will give you a chance to interact with the locals, taste traditional Icelandic food such as lamb and fish, and observe domestic animals like the Icelandic horse.

  • Maximum 12 people in a group.

From ISK 469.900

Blue Ice Cave

    Private Golden Circle Tour

  • A private Golden Circle Tour tour is an exclusive way to experience the highlights of Iceland. And on a private tour you have a complete access to your private guide.

    First, the tour starts with a short city tour around Reykjavik. Among places we will see are the old harbour, the city center and Hallgrimskirkja. Then we continue towards Thingvellir (Parliament Plaines), the location of the old parliament and a geological phenomenon with a rift valley between two continental plates. From there we drive to the Geysir geothermal area for a spouting geyser and to Gullfoss, the Golden Waterfall, where on a sunny day you can see a rainbow in the spray above the waterfall.

    The tour is a private excursion customized to your needs, for example to Cruise Ship arrival and departure.

From ISK 9.500

What People Say

  • Fantastic tour of amazing Iceland

    My first contact was by e-mail, and he was not sure he was going to offer the last 10-Day Complete ring island tour, on 17 SEPT 2021. Kindly, Jens offered the group tour for just the 2 of us, whether anyone else joined or not. Sis and I were going to cruise around Iceland if he was not able to offer tour, but I really wanted to experience the vastness of Iceland...

    Debra S
  • Best Tour Group in Iceland

    If you're looking for a wonderful trip in Iceland, this is the company for you. Completely professional and fun they took care of every detail. Very responsive we traveled the entire island and our guide Hoskuldur was amazing. They we able to craft the trip to match our budget.

    Jeremy Nelson
  • A fantastic road trip

    There is no better way to see Iceland. I joined Iceland Complete in 10 days. Our guide Dori was fantastic, knowledgeable and accommodating and making sure we saw everything!! Beautiful and breathtaking scenery along the coast as well highlands. Enjoyed every bit of it from…

    Malcolm B
  • Another Bucket List Item Achieved

    Thank you Fun Travel for a memorable trip around the ring of Iceland! We are so impressed with the knowledge and professionalism of our guide Dori, he has the ability to lead a group of 10 while also being a background presence - there as needed and not intrusive. He was on…

    Thomas H
  • Expectations exceeded

    I cannot recommend this tour, or this tour company, more. Jens was a terrific driver and wonderful guide, with exceptional knowledge of the history and mythology of the country. The itinerary took us to all the incredible sights and unique locations including many which you would not likely consider when planning a visit to Iceland.
    The accommodation was varied, as is consistent with Europe, but in all cases was clean and comfortable...

  • Fantastic trip & excellent adventure!

    Travelling with a group of 8 adults and 2 kids and 1 infant. Around Iceland 10days during winter. Age range from almost 2 to 75.
    Our guide Jens, who is also the owner of the company, is a very responsive and responsible person. Before the trip, we communicated through email, he always reply me within 24 hours which gave me a lot of confidence. In urgent case, I would contact him through WhatsApp.
    He pick us up and send us from and to the airport on time...

    Ying Y
  • Amazing experiences around every bend

    A wonderful time to go to Iceland, and I highly recommend Fun Travel to it for you. Jens was a great driver, in whom we had every confidence especially in icy conditions. The accommodation was good, although a double room would have been nice, as we had twin beds the whole time, with the exception of the first night at Hotel Klettur...

  • What a fantastic trip!

    I have just returned from doing this tour and didn't want to come home! One of the best holidays I´ve ever had. Jens was wonderful - very knowledgeable, professional and an excellent driver. Enjoyed hearing about the myths and fables of the trolls and hidden people. The landscapes were amazing - we saw waterfalls (and more waterfalls!!), glaciers, ice, volcanoes, wildlife and much more!

    Gail S
  • 10 Day Tour

    AMAZING! Best tour I have ever been on. Would recommend this tour and our tour guide Jens. Accommodations were much better than I expected. The sites were breathtaking, the people kind and welcoming. If you are planning a trip to Iceland Fun Travel is a must. You will not be disappointed.

    Ron G.
  • Mostly a nature experience

    It was a great experience. 8 Overnight stays were in lovely comfortable former farmhouses most of them recently renovated with nature views. Hikes were planned to give good landscape views. A few of them were steep or slippery (some level of fitness and warning ahead needed). Being 8 travellers in the van, felt like a private tour. Jens is a skilful driver and tells you about local life, habits & myths...

    Alonrin Y
  • An Excellent Adventure

    The trip I recently had the good fortune to take around Iceland was fabulous! Jens was a tremendously professional and extremely knowledgeable guide. Traveling with Jens and the group around Iceland was such a joy! There were so many wonderful sights- Volcanoes, Glaciers, waterfalls, geysers, black sand beaches, cliffs with puffins, arctic foxes, seals, and so much more! The farm stays each evening and food were phenomenal. This is a trip of a lifetime. Don´t miss it!

  • Great Tour

    I took this tour with a friend and had a great experience. Jens, the owner of the company and our tour guide was excellent, providing new experiences everyday and sharing stories about Iceland. The group was small, only 8, and the van very comfortable. We saw so many amazing sites and loved Iceland. All our breakfasts and dinners were included as well. Highly recommended.

    Gary J
  • So much fun!

    My husband and I just came back from a trip with Jens around Iceland. We had a small group - 6 people on the tour. (The bus would hold up to 12). The others on the tour really added to our experience! Because the group was small, we were able to see so much more...

  • Fun Travel is great!

    My wife and i just completed a trip with Jens. We have done tours before and were disappointed with the "herding of the group". This tour was a very intimate experience. Jens was able to take us to may places that the big tours just could not even get to. We were very busy and saw a lot more than we had anticipated...

    Chris G
  • The most incredible 10 day tour

    We had always wanted to visit Iceland but the thought of an impersonal bus tour always prevented us from doing it. Then I contact Jens owner of Fun Travel and he offers a small group tour that sounded amazing so we booked. The tour was more amazing than we could imagine. There were 6 people in total and all of us enjoyed each other´s company. Because of the small group Jens was able to take us to places the big buses cannot go...

    Diana A
  • Great small group tour

    Jens has put together a fantastic tour which, being in a smaller vehicle, can go to places that the larger tour buses cannot access. Every day brought new sights and experiences and it was great being part of a small group. The accommodations were excellent: when touring we mostly stayed in farm-stay guesthouses, each one being both homely and unique. I can highly recommend Fun Travel to anyone wanting the total Iceland experience. If you love waterfalls this is certainly the tour for you!

  • FUN in Iceland, in winter!!

    This was a brilliant 10 day FUN tour with local man Jens as our great driver, as well as a terrific planner and co-ordinator. Jens knowledge of Iceland, both historic and geological, was fantastic and he was able to give our lovely group of six passengers just enough information so we were not overloaded. His reading of an Icelandic fairy tale was looked forward to each day.
    Being in a small bus, Jens was able to take us to scenic places (and waterfalls) that the full size tourist buses could not go...

    Keith J
  • Everything Was Great

    I loved this tour. It had the right balance of sightseeing and adventure. And our dinners were delicious, meticulously chosen by our guide, Jens

    Joy Uy
  • Wonderful 10 Days

    Our family of 4 travelled from Malaysia with our friends from Europe, also a family of 4. Jens did a great job in remotely coordinating our joint holiday, and all at very short notice as we only decided on Iceland as our destination 3 months before. A couple of other agencies declined our request outright, citing that we were way too late to find suitable accommodation...

  • Bjarni Karl was the best!

    A little overdue. We were there in June (which was like 5 minutes ago)! We did the Golden Circle Tour ending with the Secret Lagoon. We were there June 11 and the weather was beautiful. Blue skies, green fields and baby animals everywhere. The waterfalls were perfect...

    Laura A
  • Great value for a magical experience

    I had originally gave up on an Icelandic holiday as most tour prices are quite prohibitively high. Then I chanced upon Fun Travel on the internet.
    My family of 4 went on the Iceland Complete tour with Jens in June 2018...

    Sandy Ng
  • One of the best tours I have ever taken. Very reasonably priced for Iceland.

    I have wanted to visit Iceland for a very long time but have not been able to find a reasonably priced tour until I found this tour. It is a small group tour. We had 8 people on our tour with the ages of the participants ranging from approximately 12 to 76 years old. The tour includes a centrally located hotel room the night of arrival and the night before departure...